Rob Hall Film Editor

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Fantastic resource for all topics and contacts, mainly in the U.S.

British Film Institute website - research and film download area

Contacts, resources and further links for HD and film-based products and projects

Los Angeles FCP user group (among many in the U.S.) - good forum for FCP queries

Mainly technical resource. Very useful for FCP queries

Great links to other forums and websites

All the latest Avid news from the horse's mouth

Great resource for sound FX at a small fee

Useful and fun introduction to film making

Rob Hall    -    Film Editor    -    tel: +44 (0)7986 049 658    -

Rob Hall Film Editor

Agent: APA - Matt Birch

+1 310-888-4200

Rob Hall - Film Editor

tel: +44 (0)7986 049 658   -